Screened Topsoil for Sale

Topsoil is the top layer of soil on the Earth's crust. Here in New England, it has formed from the underlying rock and sand deposited from glacial times. It has been formed over many years by the natural accumulation of organic material and plowing, if the area was farmed. The value is in topsoil being a growing medium with good water retention, texture, pH and the ability to supply nutrients to the plants growing in it. In many situations, it can be up to 5 to 12 inches thick. In other places with development, the topsoil may have been stripped off leaving very little of the original native topsoil remaining.

Dirt Guy has been involved in the topsoil and landscaping business for over 40 years. Residential and large construction loam and seed projects have been completed throughout New England. Experience with what makes good quality topsoil has been studied for all these years. Farm-based topsoil, mixed with any required components and then screened to 5/8 inch, is what we provide for sale. Pricing is available by calling the Dirt Guy at 860-303-0500 and on our price page.

Dirt Guy topsoil is stockpiled in Durham, CT and available for pick up or delivery. Delivery of topsoil is easily set up for you, based on our extensive network of resources.


Loam is often used in the same context as topsoil, but the technical definition of loam refers to a specific texture. This texture is the result of the combined amounts of sand, silt and clay that makes up most soils. The name does not imply any nutrient or organic content. We only bring this up in that the material we sell is often referred to as loam and it does have organic material content. Stop by to get a sample or purchase our high quality loam or topsoil.

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